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Imagine the Instant Credibility, Authority and Expert Status

You'll Get with a Print Book with Your Name On It!

This is for illustrative purposes only and shows just one (1) of the fifty (50) titles you can choose from... or create your own title!

Do you mind if I get right to the point?


Because if you don't already know the value of what I'm offering you with the ability to publish you very own print book then it doesn't make sense for me to waste each others time.

But if you are one of the smart one's that understands the value of a print book like this then we're going to rock this mutha!


In short, what I have to offer you is an 11,000+ word, 82-page 6x9 print book that you can use to help establish even more authority and credibility in your business.

I mean let's be honest... can you imagine handing a prospect a book with your name on it? How will that make you feel? How do you think they will respond? Pretty cool feeling, isn't it.

The content is professionally written and answers the readers most common questions PLUS the most important "Should Ask" questions about using online directories for their business.

This content not only helps build credibility for you but it also shortens the sales cycle because you don't have to take the time to answer the same questions over and over again.

We call these types of books CREDIBILITY BOOKS...

And YES, this is MUCH different than the other items you've already invested in.

Before we move on take a look at the benefits you'll get by having a print book with your name on it...

Top 10 11 Benefits of Having Your Own Print Book

Let's get specific on the true value of having your own print book.

  • Instant Credibility: We don't make the rules but we can benefit from them. One rule that happens 100% of the time is when you hand someone your print book you can instant credibility. It's a beautiful thing.
  • Expert Status: Another rule that we can benefit from is that having a print book automatically puts you at an expert status level in the eyes of your market.
  • Confidence Builder: Have a print book puts a pep in your step. Makes you feel good to accomplish something so important as having a print book. Your confidence increase just by having one.
  • Authority in Your Marketplace: Look around at your competition. How many people have print books? Probably NONE of them.
  • Build Your Brand: We all want a strong brand. One of the best ways to help build our brand is by having a print book.
  • Increase Conversions: A print book is one of the best conversion tools there is. Your market thinks to themselves, "He/she must know what they're doing. They wrote the damn book on it!"
  • Easy to Get Media Coverage: If getting interviewed on TV or radio is important to you then what better way to get your foot in the door than by having your own print book? Hint: there isn't one!
  • Helps Get Speaking Gigs: Speaking can not only help grow your business it can also be a lucrative profit center all by itself. You know who gets the most speaking gigs? Authors.
  • Lowers Buyer Resistance: Having a print book lowers the buying resistance because you're automatically viewed as someone who can be trusted. I mean how many book authors do you not trust
  • Opens Doors: Sending someone your print book as a gift is one of the best ways to open doors and get meetings with your ideal target market. It just works.
  • Shortens the Sales Cycle: You'll be able to close customers easier and faster because you don't have to take the time to answer the same questions over and over again.

The book/ebook/report we're talking about here covers the top 36 questions that a business should know about using Online Directory Marketing to get more customers.

I call these type of books, Credibility Books because of the authority and credibility they create for you as the go-to expert.

Imagine this. What happens when you customer wants to buy something or are considering buying something?

Something they do 100% of the time.

They ask questions!

They might ask these questions in their head but until they are answered they won't hire you.

So when they are reading your Credibility Book and are proactively getting the answers to all their questions they have no choice but to consider you the expert to talk to. I mean you did give them the book after all.

But you don't have to self-publish a print book to take advantage of this - even though that is the best use of this offer.

Because the content comes in a common print book format:

A pre-formatted 6x9 inch book that you can use to self-publish you very own print book! All you need to do is customize the content and upload it to your favorite print-on-demand publisher. Ex., Amazon KDP, 48 Hour Books, etc.

You see you have tons of flexibility to use this content however you need to.

Heck you could even record videos of each question and have 36 totally unique and valuable videos to put on your YouTube channel, website, Facebook page, etc.

I am also including pre-made book covers for your 6x9 print book.

These book covers were all created in Canva so you can easily edit and customize them as you see fit!

I'm also including a list of 50 book titles for you to choose from or use to generate new ideas for your own unique book title.

That's pretty much it. Easy peasy.

Either you see the value in having a print book / ebook like this or you don't.

I will say the people that I know who have a self-published print book to give to customers and prospects make a whole hell of a lot more money then the people who don't!

And it makes sense. How do you feel when someone has given you their book with their own name on it?

Like they are the expert right? Of course! It's impossible not to.

And that's what I want you to experience with this add-on product today.

What Else You Can Do With This Content...

While this content is ideally to be used to publish your own print book you can also do much more with it!

Use each one of the 36 chapters as individual:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos for your YouTube channel
  • Social media posts
  • Posts on LinkedIn
  • ​Emails to your list
  • ​Cold outreach messages
  • ​Plus anything else your heart desires!

Here's What You're Getting...


Credibility Book: 11,000+ words; 82-pages; for a 6x9 print book

Hopefully you read the content above to understand what we're offering here.

But if you didn't, allow me to recap:

  • Credibility Book itself: This is over 11,000 words and 82-pages of content answering the top 36 questions a local business should know before using online directories for their company
  • 6x9 Formatted Print Book: We have already done the formatting for you for the most common size for a business print book, 6x9.
  • Easily Customizable: We provide this to you in MS Word so you can easily change, customize and add in your company's information, you own call to actions and anything else you want to do.

Available in: Word

Value: $1,297


50 Book Title Swipes

Want to be sure that your book title is unique and only used by you?

Then use one of our fifty book titles we've created for you.

Or combine them in different ways to create your own.

Or use them to generate new ideas all together!

Available in: Word

Value: $127


Book Cover Templates

We've created several book cover templates you can use to tweak, change and customize however best fits your company and brand.

EVERYTHING is customizable!

And it is super easy to do with Canva. That is the tool we used to create all of the book covers. And you do NOT have to be paying customer to get access to these graphics.

Available in: Canva

Value: $997

The above image shows some of the book cover options with a few of the 50 titles you'll be getting!


Book Publishing Guide

We have created a simple process you can follow to easily get your book published fast with the free Amazon KDP program.

Amazon already has amazing training that you can follow and you should. Please use our guide as supplemental material.

The process is so easy that you can take our already 6x9 formatted book content plus one of the book templates - after you edit it of course - and get a print book in your hands by next week!

IMPORTANT: This content is to be used for a print book. It is against Amazon's policies to use this content as-is for a Kindle book. If you want to also make it available as a Kindle book you will need to rewrite up to 50% of it. But we don't recommend that because the value comes in having your own print book.

You can also use any other book publisher that you choose. We focus on Amazon because its easy, inexpensive to buy your own books and it's super fast.

Available in: PDF

Value: $127


Credibility Presentation

Next to having a print book with your name on it, the next best way to gain instant authority and credibility is by giving presentations and workshops - live or virtually.

What this presentation lacks in number of slides is made up with the powerful content that's inside. This short, consise presentation is sure to convince every business in attendence that they must get listed in the top online directories if they stand any chance of ranking high in Google and grabbing market share from their competition.

While this presentation doesn't need you to add anything to it, we recommend customizing it to your audience and adding content you feel would help impact the presentation further.

Example: give them the actual steps of getting listed in just one of the directories. (You can take the step directly from the 181-slide presentation.) This showcases how valuable these online directories are but also setups a way for you to transition into your pitch.

This presentation is pefect for:

  • Lunch-and-Learns
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Networking Events
  • Anywhere else you have an opportunity to speak in front of someone.

Available in: PDF

Value: $197

Personal PLR Rights

PLR is short for Private Label Rights. All that means is that you have the right to change the contents and information as you see fit and then use it for YOUR OWN PURPOSES ONLY! You do NOT have the rights to sell or give this away to anyone.

"What About the Guarantee?"

Due to the nature of this offer – being hundreds of dollars worth of PLR content – and to protect the integrity of our customers there is NO money back guarantee.

We realize that this may turn some people away. And frankly we understand that this is not a great fit for everyone.

But please understand, as a customer you could make your payment, download everything, use it in your business and then ask for a refund. But you would still have all of our content. That would not be fair to us nor our other customers. Therefore we have chosen to not have a money back guarantee with this offer.

We have sold hundreds of products and we pride ourselves on providing top quality support. We will be there when you need us.

So How Much?

Now we’re at the point where you’re wondering about how much this product will be. Valid question!

Here’s the thing…

If you were to do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you-you're looking at a minimum cost of over $10,000! And believe me, I am quite fair when I say that.

But of course, you won't pay anything close to that.

In fact, for a limited time, we're having a great deal. But you need to grab this now before the price goes up.

For a Limited Time You Can Get This

Entire PLR Package

For Only...



Not even $197


YES! I Want Instant Access


  • MODULE 39: Credibility Book,11,000+ Word, 82-page in 6x9 format
  • MODULE 40: 50 Book Title Swipes
  • MODULE 41: Book Cover Templates
  • MODULE 42: Self-publishing guide with Amazon's KDP Program
  • TOTAL VALUE: Priceless!

I understand that when I order today I will get immediate access to my purchase. Due to the nature of this PLR offer I also know that there are no refunds. After my order is complete I understand that I will receive an email with login details to access the private member's area where everything is delivered inside easy-to-download ZIP files. Lastly, I understand that I will be making one payment today with NO future payments.

  • Order online safely and securely.
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  • You’re 100% protected from unauthorized payments with 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud.

One Payment of Only...

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