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2024 Directory Domination

3-Ways to Generate Traffic to Your New Offer... And We Have Them All Covered For You!

At the end of the day there are really only three ways to generate traffic to your new offer and we have them all covered!!



Social Media Post Images and Content Blurbs -
30-Days of Content!!

A very effective way to generate interest using your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc is by rotating these social media images along with the short blurbs we provide.

Here's what you'll get in this module alone: You'll receive all of these images in .png files. Also, all of these images are editable in Canva in the recommended size of 1080 x 1080. You can easily change the size for your different social media accounts.

  • All 30 images in .png for immediate posting
  • All 30 images in Canva for easy editing
  • Post Blurbs: these are short and sweet content that goes with each image
  • Full Training on how to use a low cost software to automate all of your posting... P.S. Once you learn how to do this for yourself you can sell "Social Posting" as a service to your clients!

Available in: Canva

Value: $497

Created & Fully Customizable in Canva!


10 Mini-Reports / Articles / Blog Post

To help with additional content creation we're including 10-articles/blog posts.

These are powerful, long form SEO optimized articles ranging from 2,000 to 2,700+ words each!.

This is a total of 101-pages and over 24,000-words of world class content you can post anywher!!

Here's the list of the articles:

  • The Top Benefits of Local Directory Listings for Local Businesses 2233-words
  • Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing for Maximum Impact 2020-words
  • Local Search Secrets: Online Directories Can Skyrocket Your Visibility 2165-words
  • The Link Between Your Business Listing and Your Reputation 2240-words
  • Local SEO Boost: Mastering Directory Submissions for Greater Reach 2123-words
  • Finding the Best Online Directories for Local Service Businesses 2125-words
  • How to Boost Your Local SEO with Online Directories 2042-words
  • Effective Strategies for Managing Your Local Business Citations 2741-words
  • Directory Power Play: Boosting Your Local Online Presence Effectively 2636-words
  • Essential Tips for Local Businesses: How to Shine in Online Directories 2230-words
  • Citations vs. Backlinks: Key Differences and Benefits for Local Businesses 2236-words

Available in: Word

Value: $697


10 LinkedIn Posts

To help with additional content creation we're including 10 LinkedIn posts.

These are specifically written with LinkedIn in mind and to their specifications.

This is a total of over 3,000 words of additional content!!

  • Unlock the Power of Online Directories
  • Revolutionize Your Local SEO
  • A Game-Changing Online Directory Strategy for Every Business Type
  • Google Business Profile Unlocked: The Key to Local Business Success
  • Transforming Reviews into Revenue: Mastering the Art of Customer Engagement
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Latest Trends in Local Search for Businesses
  • NAP Consistency: The Unsung Hero of Local SEO
  • Synergize to Maximize: Integrating Directory Listings with Your Social Media Strategy
  • Analytics Unveiled: Mastering the Art of Performance Monitoring in Online Directories
  • Steer Clear of These Directory Listing Mistakes to Propel Your Business Forward

Available in: Word

Value: $697


Email Newsletters

Everyone knows how powerful email marketing is. But often times its a huge pain-in-the-booty to write them all yourself.

That's why we're giving you 10 of the most powerful emails you can use to send to your list to generate interest.

It's a total of over 2,700-words of emails.

Here's a list of the email swipes you'll get:

  • Unlock the Secret to Top Directory Listings – Boost Your Visibility Today
  • Get Noticed: Easy Steps to Secure Prime Online Directory Spots
  • Your Business Deserves the Spotlight – Master Online Directory Listings Now
  • Navigate Online Directories Like a Pro – Insider Tips Inside
  • Elevate Your Business with Top Directory Listings – Find Out How
  • Exclusive Guide: Claim Your Spot in Leading Online Directories
  • Maximize Your Market Reach – Simple Strategies for Directory Success
  • Directory Listings Demystified: Boost Your Business Presence Easily
  • Step-by-Step: Your Pathway to Dominating Online Directories
  • Rise Above the Crowd – Secure Your Directory Listing Today

Available in: Word

Value: $497


Cold Outreach Swipe Messages

Implementing a cold outreach program can be effective and should be part of your marketing strategy. Especially if you're new and just getting started.

These swipes will give you a great place to get started fast!

You can use these swipes in cold emails, LinkedIn messages, Facebook DM’s or anywhere else you can message or email someone in your target market.

Available in: Word

Value: $197


WARM Outreach Swipe Messages

Reaching out to people you already know, who you've done business with and one's that trust you is the easiest, fastest and best way to get started fast!

These swipes are very powerful and take out all the guesswork. Making it extremely easy for you to use them immediate and start generating interest in your services.

You can use these swipes in warm emails to your list, LinkedIn messages, Facebook DM’s or anywhere else you can message or email someone you know.

Available in: Word

Value: $197



Using X (formerly Twitter) to build brand awareness is something that can be achieved.

But you need to do it on a consistent basis.

These 20 pre-written tweets will help you get started fast.

You can also create "Tweetable Links" on your blog with these pre-written tweets to get people talking about you and your business.

Available in: Word

Value: $197


YouTube Video Ideas Guide

Creating a YouTube channel is an amazing way to grow your brand, build trust and credibility with your market and get more people coming to you to buy your products and services.

But what kind of videos should you start with?

We have the answer! In fact, we have 30 video ideas and descriptions that are sure to help you streamline your video creation process and ensure you make the most impactful and engaging videos possible.

Available in: Word

Value: $97



This infographic was professionally created and covers the 5 top reasons why a business should get listed in the top online directories.

Your clients will love this and it will convince them why they need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Available in: Canva

Value: $197


Banner Ads - 8 Designs!

One of the most underrated and effective ways to grab a prospects attention when they are on your website is by placing these powerful banner ads in strategic places like your blog sidebar.

All the banners are fully editable in Canva and we're also including them in .png. They come in three sizes:

  • 240 x 400
  • 250 x 250 (2)
  • 300 x 250
  • 300 x 600 (2)
  • ​468 x 60
  • 970 x 250

Available in: Canva

Value: $197



Postcards - 10 Designs!

These postcards were professionally designed and work great by sending them to potential clients or handing them out at networking events.

Each one comes fully editable in Canva as well as .png files.

These can easily be printed by companies like VistaPrint and others.

Available in: Canva

Value: $697


Facebook Ad Images and Copy

- 10 Ad Images

Running Facebook Ads is one of the most effective way to drive targeted traffic to your offers.

We want to help make it as easy as possible to get started quickly with these 10 ad images that are fully editable in Canva - plus we're inclduing .png files - and are the recommended size of 1200 x 628.

All of these images are copyright and royalty free and free to use for any purpose per the policy at

For each ad image we're also including optional copy that can go with the ad for a greater impact!

Available in: Word and Canva

Value: $997


Google Ad Swipes

Pay-per-click advertising, especially Google Ads, is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to generate leads online.

We took the hard work out of creating PPC Ads with 10 pre-written ads to choose from. Mix and match and edit to create the perfect ad.

HOT TIP: Use these to direct people to your blog where the content is one of the mini-reports/artilces included in your downloads. Be sure to have a CTA at the bottom of each mini-report/article.

Available in: Word

Value: $297



Power Partnerships Guide

Top 15 Ideal Business Partners for Collaboration

Embarking on the journey of forming strategic partnerships can be an exciting and incredibly fruitful endeavor for any marketing consultant or agency.

It's all about connecting with the right businesses that complement your expertise in online directory listing services. The key is to find those who share a similar customer base but offer different yet complementary services.

By aligning with businesses in related fields, you're not just expanding your network; you're creating a powerful ecosystem where each partner contributes to the others' growth and success.

And that's what this report is all about - giving you a list of the top 15 types of businesses that would be a perfect fit for you to partner with.

Available in: PDF

Value: $197


Strategic Partnership Plan Checklist

This checklist is a more like a detailed guide to you finding, approaching and becoming partners with other companies.

Each step comes with a checklist along with several AI prompts to help ensure you don't miss anything and so that you can get the biggest impact when approaching these new potential partnerships.

Available in: PDF

Value: $197


Potential Partnership Letter Template

Forging new partnerships can be as thrilling as finding a hidden treasure. But let's be honest, crafting that perfect outreach letter? Not so much fun.

That's where the Potential Partnership Letter Template comes into play. It's like having a secret weapon in your back pocket, all ready to fire off a charming, professional letter to those dream partners.

It's about making a stellar first impression, opening doors to fruitful collaborations without breaking a sweat. Imagine cutting through the noise, standing out in a crowded inbox, and getting that "Yes, let's chat!" reply.

This isn't just a letter; it's your first step towards a partnership that could skyrocket your business to dazzling new heights!

Available in: Word

Value: $197


Email and LinkedIn Outreach Templates

Navigating the world of business partnerships just got a whole lot easier with these Email and LinkedIn Outreach Templates.

They are your go-to guides for crafting messages that don't just get sent but get noticed. In today's fast-paced digital age, your first impression might just be your last, so why leave it to chance?

These templates are designed to capture the essence of what makes your offer unique and compelling, while also respecting the time and attention span of your potential partners.

Just a few tweaks to align with your brand’s voice and your recipient’s specifics, and you’re on your way to forging new, exciting partnerships that could open a world of opportunities.

Available in: Word

Value: $197



Resource Cheat Sheet

There are a number of resources and tools that can be used to best use the various Online Directory tools and services and networks and it can be difficult to keep track of all of them.

This cheat sheet is here to help, with a list of Online Directory tools, platforms, and more to keep you and your client organized at a glance!

Available in: PDF

Value: $197


Facebook Covers

Do you use Facebook for your business? If not, you should be!!

And having a powerful Facebook Banner helps you establish credibility and authority.

Plus it will help drive some additonal traffic to your website, offers and phone calls!

These were all created in Canva. They are fully customizable so you can easily change any element you need to.

Available in: Canva

Value: $197


YouTube Banners

Do you use YouTube for your business? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Maybe it's because you don't have a kick ass banner to put up on your channel page.

Well now you do!!

These were all created in Canva. They are fully customizable so you can easily change any element you need to.

Available in: Canva

Value: $197


BONUS Graphics!

Using professionally created, hand drawn images can add a lot of value to your promotions and content but they are also very expensive.

Until now!

We're including 10 different images you can use any way you want.

- Ads

- Videos

- Articles

- Social Media

- Where ever and however you want!

Every one comes in SVG and PNG formats.

And in two versions: black and white and color.

Each image was created specific to this offer ONLY! So you will not see these anywhere else.

Available in: SVG & PNG

Value: $197

Everything Comes with Personal PLR So You Can Customize As Needed and Make it Your Own!

PLR is short for Private Label Rights. All that means is that you have the right to change the contents and information as you see fit and then sell it or give it away to your offline marketing clients. However, you DO NOT have the right to sell this product "as-is" to other marketers and marketing consultants.

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  • [YES] Can be added to membership site ONLY for local businesses NOT other marketers
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  • [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
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  • MODULE 20: 10 LinkedIn Posts
  • MODULE 21: Email Newsletters
  • MODULE 22: Cold Outreach Messages
  • MODULE 23: Warm Outreach Messages
  • MODULE 24: xStorm (Pre-Written Tweets)
  • MODULE 25: YouTube Video Ideas Guide
  • MODULE 26: Infographic
  • MODULE 27: Banner Ads
  • MODULE 28: Postcards
  • MODULE 29: Facebook Ad Copy and Images
  • MODULE 30: Google / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads Swipes
  • MODULE 31: Power Partnerships Guide
  • MODULE 32: Strategic Partnership Plan Checklist
  • MODULE 33: Potential Partnership Letter Template
  • MODULE 34: Email and LinkedIn Outreach Templates
  • MODULE 35: Resource Cheatsheet
  • MODULE 36: Facebook Banners
  • MODULE 37: YouTube Banners
  • MODULE 38: BONUS Graphics
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